FFC-Acrush” is five-member girl group who at first glance could easily be mistaken for a boy group. The group was formed in 2016 by Zhejiang Huati Culture Communication Co. Ltd. They are expected to debut in April 2017.


  • Active Since: 2017
  • Group Name: FFC-Acrush
  • Label/Distributor: Zhejiang Huati Culture Communication Co.
  • Genre: C-Pop

FFC-Acrush Current Members

Lu Keran (陸柯燃) Leader

An Jun (安俊稀)

Peng Xi Chen (彭兮辰)

Min Jun Qian (閔俊千)

Lin Fan (林凡成)

FFC-Acrush Discography

FFC-Acrush (Official Music Video)

BTS-Fire dance


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