Thuong May Cung La Nguoi Dung” is a single recorded by Vietnamese singer Noo Phuoc Thinh. It was released on 2017.


  • Artist: Noo Phuoc Thinh
  • Released: 2017
  • Title: Thuong May Cung La Nguoi Dung
  • English Title:
  • Genre: V-Pop
  • Label/Distributor: Noo Phuoc Thinh
  • Single/Album: Thuong May Cung La Nguoi Dung
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam

Noo Phuoc Thinh – Thuong May Cung La Nguoi Dung (Music Videos & Performances)

Official Music Video

Noo Phuoc Thinh – Thuong May Cung La Nguoi Dung Lyrics

Vietnamese English translation
Thi thoi anh nghi ta nen dung lai khi long em da chia hai,
Vi anh da biet anh khong con la nguoi duy nhat em nho dem qua,
Hay noi anh nghe that long, em het yeu anh dung khong?
Co nam tay anh lam chi neu em phai di.

Nguoi thuong den may cung se den ngay, ngay chung ta thanh nguoi dung
Vi dau ai chi yeu mai mot nguoi, dieu vinh vien chang co em oi!
Ky uc khong giu chan nguoi. Dau ai nho ai suot doi.
Nuoc mat hom nay co roi cung khong vi nhau nua roi.

Cuoc doi la the quen nhau roi quen. Phut vui ngay xua sao nay buon tenh?
Vi nguoi chang muon kien tam gan ben. Chung ta da khong vi nhau co gang.
Long nguoi gio gia bang hon mua dong. Nhung an tinh xua xem nhu bang khong.
Lanh lung minh buoc qua nhu nguoi dung. Chung ta gio day chi la mot chuyen da tung.

Mua cay thay la, em cung thay long, cung voi ai hanh phuc hay khong?
Con rieng anh van dung sau cuoc tinh va thay thuong di vang sau lung
Nam thang troi qua that nhieu, da khien anh hieu mot dieu:
Em van mai la nguoi dung anh thuong den het doi minh.

Well, I think I should stop when my heart split,
Because I know you’re not the only one I remember last night,
Please tell me honestly, do you love me?
Try to hold his hand if you have to go.

The wounded will also come, the day we become a party
Because no one just love one person forever, things are forever without you!
Memory does not hold the foot. Who remembers anyone forever.
Tears today are not falling for each other anymore.

Life is familiar and forget. How happy old days are so sad?
Because people do not want to be close. We did not try each other.
People are more iceberg than winter. The past loves look like zero.
Cold as I stepped away as a stop. We are just one thing now.

She was:
The season changing leaves, I also replaced, with whom happy or not?
Still alone he stood behind the love and thirst behind his back
Years passed by so much, made him understand one thing:
I’m still the one who always loved me for the rest of my life

[Translation: Google translate]

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